Episode 15 - Artificial Intelligence

Catalyst Sale Podcast Mike Conner Mike Simmons

Artificial Intelligence in Sales - Does it Fit?

If sales is a thinking process, where does artificial intelligence fit in the sale process? 

Artificial intelligence can be used as a replacement for thinking. Or, artificial intelligence can be a tool to help a thinking sales professional enhance the sales process. Mike & Mike discuss how they have seen artificial intelligence impact sales, in ways that take away from the sales process and ways it enhances how a sales professional works with a customer.

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Sales is a Thinking Process.  Catalyst Sale is a learning organization first and foremost. That’s why we care about a thinking process that enables results versus a process that tells people what to do. We aim to add value whenever we can, and our true success is measured by the sustainability of our work long after we complete a project. We surround ourselves with good company and never stop learning.

We are Catalysts. We Connect people we know and people we meet to help create opportunity for others. We Challenge ourselves, our clients and our team, to discover what is possible. We Learn from others, others learn from us and that never stops. We Contribute our expertise to deliver results with meaningful projects that are aligned with our values. We care about the people we work with every day and get great satisfaction from seeing them thrive.

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