Episode 35 - Salesforce MVP - Dan Peter

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Podcast Guest Dan Peter - Salesforce MVP

Dan is a Salesforce MVP, and Lead Applications Engineer at Kenandy.  Dan started his Salesforce development career in 2009, and is an active leader in the Salesforce community. You can connect with @DanielJPeter on twitter, or look for him at the next Bay Area Salesforce Developer Meetup.

On this week's episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast, we cover a number of topics, including Ohana at Salesforce, Diversity, Women in Technology, Dan's career, background on where we met, and more.

Links to information regarding many of the topics discussed follow.

Bay Area Salesforce Developer Group - https://twitter.com/forcedevmeetup

Snowforce (Salt Lake City, UT) conference recap:

Punta Dreamin’ (Punta del Este, Uruguay) conference recap:

Listing of all the Salesforce community conferences

Salesforce Trailhead “Cultivate Equality at Work”

Sandy Kurtzig - Kenandy - About Us Page - https://www.kenandy.com/about/ 

Salesforce Einstein - The impact of AI on data, and creating Superhuman capabilities.

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